"Any publication out there should have a paid content product"

At Wednesday’s PaidContent Summit, MLB Advanced Media CEO Bob Bowman told the audience that he believes all publications should have free and paid offerings as part of their business models. He asked, “Who are you to say: ‘we don’t want your money?'”

Traditional publishing grew from multiple revenue streams: subscription income, newsstand sales, and paid advertising in various forms. As they’ve transitioned to the Internet it seems that most publications have lost sight of the value of diverse income streams, and have become accustomed to giving away their content for free. As Bowman points out, these publishers leave money on the table by giving away all of their content – the key word being “all.” While there has been much discussion about business models of either ad-supported OR paywalls to monetize content, these options don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

The metered paywall, for example, provides publishers with much more flexibility. We at Selectable believe in providing audiences with microtransaction options to pay for content – engaging with advertising in exchange for temporary access as an alternative to a full, paid subscription. Regardless of approach, publishers would be well-served by reevaluating their options when it comes to combining paid and ad-supported revenue streams.

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