For Publishers

Selectable Media creates
new video monetization

Maximize Your Revenue Opportunity

Selectable Media’s products introduce a new supply of premium video inventory, creating additional sources of ad revenue for publishers. Our products work across all devices and easily integrate into your existing ad serving infrastructure.

Selectable Value Exchange

Selectable Media's Content-Unlock and Value Exchange solutions enable consumers to access your content, features or services by engaging with advertising or subscribing.
Our Publisher Partners include:
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Social, Mobile and Tablet Games
  • Wifi Providers in Airports, Hotels, Restaurants and Shopping Malls
  • Music Services
  • Fantasy Sports and Sports Trivia Sites and Applications

Selectable Sponsored Stories

Seamlessly create in-stream editorial placements for branded content. Selectable provides all of the tools for unit creation, syndication, detailed reporting and tracking.

Top Tier Advertisers

We work with nationally recognized brands to ensure that your content or service is supported by reputable advertisers.

Cross-Platform Delivery

Selectable Media’s solutions integrate into any or all of your platforms - desktop, mobile web, and mobile apps for multiple operating systems. And these can be managed with a simplified common back-end experience.

Easy Integration

Our products easily integrate into your sites and services, and we can partner with your existing ad networks or paywalls.